The regulator has declared Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.’s (AEV) want to list the P7.55-billion next tranche of its P30-billion fixed-rate bonds which will partly fund the building of its own hydro-powered water treatment plant in Davao.

“whilst the net profits of this bond that will partially re finance maturing debt obligations, it will also partially finance equity donations to Apo Agua to the building of a hydroelectric powered pump water treatment facility in Davao,” AEV Finance Chief Manuel R. Lozano said during a digital set service on Monday.

Apo Agua Infrastructura, Inc., a partnership between AEV along with JV Angeles Construction Corp., is a bulk water restoration company that aims to supply more than 300 million liters of water into the Davao City water cellar.

Mr. Lozano explained that the endeavor is one of the building cubes in the firm’s ecological, social and administration plan.

Even the Aboitiz holding business procured the approval from the Philippine Dealing & Exchange Corp., which allows qualified companies to take part in the secondary market trading of their bonds.

Based on a disclosure into the area bourse on Monday, the second batch of AEV’s approved bonds, for example oversubscriptions, is equal to P-7.55 billion.

Series D bonds, however, have a fixed interest rate of 3.31percent per year, maturing in 2025.

Earlier in October, AEV received the most notable credit rating by a neighborhood debt watcher Philippine Rating Services Corp. for a projected P10-billion fixed rate retail bonds.


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