By supplying consumers with several payment choices for their shopping, VILLAR-led AllHome Corp. rendered shopping online and on-site more convenient.

The customer was enabled, in a Monday statement, to choose a variety of methods of payment including: cash, a debit card or a credit card with a zero percent interest payment up to 12 months; mobile payment services including AllEasy, GCash and PayMaya; banking to bank transfers and delivery in cash for online or personal shopping orders or layout plans through Aeon and Home Credit.

Manuel B. Villar, AllHome’s Chairman, Jr., said it is strengthening its e-commerce website and providing simpler methods for payment in order to enable more clients to access its goods.

‘We also give them the shopping and payment experience at their convenience by allowing consumers to buy and pay electronically. AllHome is dedicated to enhancing customer trust, which is crucial as the industry proceeds with its pandemic recovery. We remain hopeful that the efforts we make today can have a lasting effect on our new future,” said Mr Villar.

The AllHouse Vice-Chairman, Camille A. Villar, said in the release, “With adjustable payment conditions and methods of payment, the shoppers are looking at objects for sale in all seven categories: chairs, applies, linen, household goods, tools, building and tile products and sanitary products as a matter of urgency.

AllHome also opened its own E-commerce website, which provides its consumers all over the world with its goods, during the tight quarantine measures in April last year.


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