As part of the liability settlement agreement, THE Management Board accepted an improvement to P3.4 billion in the permitted equity of the mentioned company.

“The Company is almost entirely subscribed to its existing approved capital stock. The capital raise would enable the Business to continue exploration and resolve liabilities,” the company said in a Wednesday bond statement.

On 9 March the Board decided to raise resources by P2.6 billion.

The capital of Manila Mining will be split into 204 billion common share class “A” with a par value of 1 centavo per share.

Other capital of the “B” type, even with a par value of one centavo per centavo, is 136 billion.

The latest estimates are larger than the 156 billion common class A and 104 billion common class B shares of the previous 156 billion shares, all of which have a par value of one centav per stock.

According to Manila mining, at its annual shareholders’ meeting scheduled for 29 April the increase in the approved capital stock will be submitted for approval by its shareholders.

‘[The Board] voted to suggest to the stockholders that the Board be allowed to take suitable action and measures to encourage a capital inventory rise,’ said the Divulgation.

In 2001 Manila Mining came to a stop after it was not renewed by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for its permit to run its waste dam according to its website.

Manila Mining’s share “A” was stable on Wednesday at P0,010 percent, while its share “B” increased by 1.01 percent at P0,010.


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