LISTED ATN HOLDINGS, Inc. plans to develop P1 billion from the sale of building materials over the coming two years which will help it handle growing infrastructure projects in the Philippines.

In a Thursday exchange disclosure, the diverse organization said that it is willing, by way of the government’s develop, build and build initiative, to obtain a substantial portion of the market for building materials.

The study said it has an inventory of about a million tons of finished products, rock deposits over 200 million tons, hollow panels to support the building of 5 million mass housing units and a 500 tons hourly plant.

In the quote, ATN CEO and ATN chairman Arsenio T. Ng said that We are setting an initial 2021-2022 P1 billion revenue goal, extracted from mixing rock aggregations, pre-mezzled cement and rolls.”

“Our finished goods obey strict requirements of the four-fold A classified suppliers for their premium basalt rocks as performed by international scientific specialists in rock consistency meeting the strict multifaceted test specifications with a minimum gravity of 2,7 or higher’,.’

The capital improvement ATN programs include the Metro Manila Subway project, the NLEX-SLEX Connector Road project, the Bulacan Airport project and the Luzon Island restoration efforts.

The Tutuban-Malolos section of the North-South Commuter Railway, for which it would provide rocks aggregates, was a project that the firm has already committed to joining.

“The extensive demand for our key goods is underpinned by our constants dialogue with prominent manufacturing experts. In our favour, most of them have confirmed firmly their big supply requirements for rock and readiness to collaborate with us,” said Ng.

“While we aim to be the country’s leading building material brand, we also strongly consider ourselves as an inclusive government collaborator for the growth of national and climate-change resilience,” he said.

The Philippines is preparing to devote about P1.107 billion to infrastructure programs for a national budget of 4.5 billion by 2021. It is nearly 36 percent more than the decreased infrastructure expenditure of P785,5 billion in 2020.


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