The certificate given by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) unit covers an annual extraction rate of 7 million dry metric tons (DMT) of aggregates in the project region.

The ECC must be obtained from the Environmental Policy Office of the DENR for “environmentally sensitive” initiatives in compliance with the People Charter of the Department.

The ATN project is expected to provide 66,12 million metric tons of mining aggregates. Its components include a grinding facility, a batching plant, a concrete hollow block plant and an emissions control plant.

ATN, by consulting service provider Permata Resources, Inc., claimed in the project description previously submitted to DENR that it will be engaged in mining and crushing operations.

“With industrialization and continuous growth activities, the project is expected to help raise the demand for rock aggregates and cement raw materials by the building industry for infrastructure development and the government’s priority infrastructure projects,” Permata told the DENR office.

In November, ATN announced that it was aiming to gain P1 billion by 2022 from the sale of construction materials, adding that there will be a projected market for construction materials as the government pursues its Develop, Build, Build policy.

ATN Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Arsenio T. Ng has previously been cited as stating that the 2022 revenue goal will come from a mixture of rock aggregates, pre-mixed concrete and boulders.


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