After getting favorable consumer response in its goods, AXELUM Resources Corp. aims to grow its market share in the United States e-commerce business.

In a Wednesday announcement to the stock exchange, manufacturers and exporters of cocoa products listed said that some of their products including organic cocoa flakes had put among the top 20 bestsellers in their category with favorable consumer feedback.

In 2018, the firm unveiled a retail lineup with the worldwide e-commerce website Amazon under the local Fiesta Tropicale name.

Axelum said that the project seeks to benefit quickly and cost-effectively from digital media and to engage with consumers.

Axelum CEO Henry J. Raperoga has stated that the company is being promoted with the initial small capital allocated to this company with the development of its e-commerce division.

“We are dedicated and willing to further unleash the value of this income stream as we begin to understand its transformational effects,” said Raperoga.

“This project included years of product incubation, including intensive market testing, to create the most appropriate products for a healthcare retail population in the United States that represent their taste profile and nutritional value,” he said.

Axelum has stated that it plans to build a team of experienced marketers to lead digital initiatives, such as web traffic increase and availability across social media platforms.

“Another important geography is being seriously explored in Axelum, with a mature e-commerce industry and established cocoa exports,” the disclosure stated.

The brand also prepares the release of a fresh range of organic models that have redesigned packaging designs in keeping with its existing portfolio and interactive media strategies that exploit untapped possibilities.


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