Axelum offers information of its forum for climate, social and governance

Axelum Resources Corp. has registered publicly-listed projects that compose its environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework, spanning from cocoa shells as feedstocks to packaging materials.

At a legislation file on Tuesday, the organization reported that its ESG study had an international benchmark for environmental reporting under the seal of the Global Reporting Initiative.

“We just agreed to print, in the first year of our listed business, our first sustainability report which outlines much of our efforts as a result of 1986,” quoted Romeo I, Chairman and CEO of Axelum.

Axelum said that the coconut shells used in processing are being used as a feedstock in the manufacturing of fuel boilers that generate the cooking steam required to render production, whereas some 86,000 cubic meters of water are being recovered with 9% of waste water being processed.

Axelum added that the first recycling plant in Visayas and Mindanao, Tetra Pak packaging materials, was developed to turn used packaging material into chipboards — an alternative to flooring for walls and ceilings.

“Furthermore, discarded and obsolete products from Tetra Pak are also made into modern bags, tables, and other useful things like sleeping mats, which in case of natural disorders are being dispersed in different evacuation centres,” said the firm.

Axeleum has demonstrated support for its social forum through its civic arms, the Medina Development Foundation and the AMDG Foundation in schooling, livelihood, health and spiritual shaping initiatives.

The organization announced that more than 500 students have been awarded academic honors when targeting broken classrooms to enhance the welfare and learning climate of students.

Axelum said that it manages 15 hectares of organic demo farm for subsistence projects in which groups of local farmers are educated on the new organic farming technologies.

“To hog and poultry raisers, the organization provides financial resources and sustainable animal feed from organic farms. Axelum proceeds to allocate coconut and other seedlings to local farmers to support farming as a sustainable alternative livelihood,” says Axelum.

Axelum said that as part of the health platform of the Group, the San Isidro Polymedic General Hospital will be built in Misamis Oriental.

It has a clinic for hemodialysis, a pharmacy and an acute health center with a high level of 100 beds.

According to the enterprise, proceeds produced by this business are used to subsidize financially challenged patients with medical care. The Cagayan de Oro Medical Group will run the facility.

“Without business ambitions, this experiment is being performed. Our aim is to provide neighboring residents, especially indigent patients, with professional, efficient and accessible health care,” said Chan.

Axelum reported that it organizes annual retirements for its staff, while at the same time promoting the annual celebration of a street play in the city of Medina during Holy Week, Misamis Oriental.

The organization also claimed that it has 3,000 farms certified by the Department of Agriculture of the United States, the European Union and Japanese Agricultural Requirements in organic terms.

“We regard Filipino cocoa growers as our most significant collaborator and are able to go above the ordinary to ensure their well-being. “Axelum is born to serve as a light of prosperity and hope for everyone rather than only for the sake of economic profits,” Mr. Chan said.

Axelum was newly introduced to the Philippine Bursar Indices market and now is part of the Manufacturing Ranking. Axelum is one of ten firms.


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