ROBINSONS Land Corp.’s (RLC) Bridgetowne Destination Estate will include a telecommunications neutral data center, allowing the development to become an integrated smart city.

Bee Information Technology PH, Inc., also known as Beeinfotech PH, has leased a building on RLC’s estate.

“Beeinfotech PH is located in our Campus One development, which has over 19,000 square meters (sq.m.) of data center capacity. It will also construct a power center on a 1,500 square meter plot of land next to their leased premises,” said RLC Senior Vice President and Office Buildings Division General Manager Jericho P. Go in a statement on Thursday.

Beeinfotech PH will use the office building as a neutral data center, allowing different telecom providers to connect. It will be able to access all technologies and network providers as a result of this.

It will also provide tenants of business process outsourcing (BPO) and those using office space in RLC’s development with access to a data center facility.

According to Mr. Go, the data center will assist Bridgetowne Destination Estate in becoming an integrated smart city development.

Beeinfotech PH is also building a separate power center in order to “offer several levels of redundancy for its power supply.” As the data center will have a greater demand for energy, this will guarantee that the development has an adequate power supply.

“Campus One in Bridgetowne is the perfect site for this project since it is served by several telecom providers, the region is flood free, and it is far away from the earthquake faultline,” stated Reynaldo Huergas, President and Chief Executive Officer of Beeinfotech PH.


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