what business to start with 100k in the philippines

What business to start with 100k in the Philippines –  Are you dreaming about launching a business with 100K capital? Well, now is a nice time as Philippines’ fast-growing economy offers numerous prospects to entrepreneurs. Having said that, it is important to know your planned venture ‘s feasibility based on your trends and available resources.

The secure path to financial independence is to create your own business, no doubt about that! You will fully appreciate financial freedom because you are your own employer and you can do anything you want, without the constraint of an 8-hour work. What it takes is imagination to be able to earn profits. If you have an imaginative mind, gather your own strength and confidence and start your own company.

Begin with a small capital and work hard to expand it.  Here are several market ideas that will you get you decent profit that take less than 100,000 capital.

What business to start with 100k in the Philippines?

Small business in Philippines with a 4k capital

Online Freelance Service

Capital: 3K – 4K

Owing to the Internet, freelancers have the ability apply jobs worldwide. You may create an online business that offers freelance services focused on your experience and expertise.

With so many kinds of positions on the market, you have to figure out what sort of work you want to do freelance – with both a full- and part-time job. You have to pick from many niches. Some of the more common ones are blogging, graphics or acting as a virtual assistant. And people are still in demand who can deliver these services at a cheaper rate. The great thing is that you don’t have to deal with the constant harrowing traffic and can operate virtually everywhere.

A decent internet connection, a laptop/PC, and a basic website are all you really need to start up this business. You may start with Facebook and Linkedin accounts to showcase resources at the latter date. If you do have a device at home, this lowers the original running costs to the rate of your monthly Internet access.

With freelancing, you are a one-man company. You’re the boss, the CEO, and all the job is handled by you. Your income focuses on the type of job you put in. Employers pay as little as 1,500 to a rate of around 20,000.

A solid network connection is crucial to being a good freelancer. Note that the strongest freelancers are mindful of how their network is utilized. It is true that joining communities of freelancers and attend conventions and activities are helpful, you should first use your personal network (family members, colleagues, neighbors, past employers and associates, and acquaintances) as a way of expressing yourself.  By the time that you have built your ventures that are bigger than you can manage, you can outsource some task to your network to operate in your behalf and benefit off from them by getting a commission.

Street Food

Capital: 1.5K – 4K

You can have your very own food stall for as low as 1,500 pesos and offer ice-cold beverages like sago and gulaman palamig, soda, fruit or flavored shakes, or even halo-halo. Turo-turo is one of the small business ideas in the Philippines that can be achieved with limited capital with big returns on profit.

In fact, vendors of fish balls earn as much as 1,000 php per day, which is more than what daily wage earners have.

Cake and pastry business

Capital: 2K – 4K

You can start up a small business in the Philippines with 4K capital by baking cakes or pastries. You don’t even need to open a bakery. For made-to-order orders, you should only start baking pastries or cakes and advertise it on social media. Of course, it would be easier if you already have the supplies you need to do all the baking you need.  Also for special events, you can offer to bake cakes.

Street Food

Capital: 4K – 10K

For little money, you may start a business with a street food stand. Street food is a decent source of income because we, Filipinos, definitely enjoy street food. You can opt for the regular kikiam, fishball, calamari ball, chicken ball, or go to other products such as grill, calamares, and tokneneng. Especially if you are in a good location where there are many customers, you can earn as much as 500 in a day. The ideal spots are near schools and the marketplace.

Selling homemade Ice Cream

Capital: 2.5K – 4K

Sorbetes is a common dessert among Filipinos, particularly on hot summer days. You can make home-made ice cream from plain, readily available ingredients for as low as PHP 2500.

It is ideal that you sell the ice cream around your house or somewhere that is close to schools and establishments with high flow of traffic. The good thing about this small business idea is that your profit margin ranges from 70% to 100%.

Selling Siomai

Capital: 1.5K – 2K

Selling Siomai is one of the easiest small business ideas at home that you can start with. In addition in being simple to produce, selling siomai offers a profit return of 150% and it only needs just a tiny capital.

Also, you don’t even need a large place to sell Siomai. You only need a mobile cart or sell it outside your home as long as the location has a high flow of traffic like in front of the school or universities.

Mamihan and Gotohan

Capital: 4K – 10K

If you have a passion for cooking and you live in a location where people work early, you should set up Gotohan and Mamihan and start making money out of it as a small business. However, you have to choose a location, renovate it to suit clients, and offer to sell other items.  Also, determine whether your gotohan is available 24-7 or only for a limited period of time and decide whether you will hire someone or do it yourself.


Capital: 500 – 1K

One of the countries with the highest number of daily smartphone phone users is the Philippines. However, only a limited number of their phones have postpaid plans while the majority use SIM cards that are prepaid.

There are two approaches on how to get started.

  • By purchasing individual retail SIM cards from telecommunications providers (Globe, Smart, or Sun Cellular) and utilizing different phones for each, unless you have a dual SIM phone.
  • Or simply by purchasing an All in one SIM from a third party vendor (which will enable a retailer to offer prepaid loads to all networks with a single, exclusive SIM card) and having just one phone to use. This kind of SIM card often goes prepaid loads. It will also allow you to reload prepaid cable accounts, Internet cards, and eCredits.

Your profits is commissions based and it varies from 3 percent to 13 percent.  As the sum subtracted from your eWallet / eMoney account is smaller than what your client pays for, you receive your fee. To explain this:

Customer’s reload amountDeduction on your load walletTotal profit
₱60₱54₱60 – ₱54 = ₱6

This business will net average from PHP 1,000 and PHP 2,000 a month if you can sell a sum of PHP 10,000 to PHP 20,000 loads.

For individuals with more start-up money which requires approximately 4,000 – 7,000, a sub-dealer may best for you as it has greater profits by incorporating an extra fee from the merchants who would want to enter this business.

Small business ideas in the Philippines between 20K and 100K

Offer Videoke Machines

Capital: 25K

Another small business ideas you might be able to pull off is to offer rent out Videoke Machines for special events.  In particular during birthdays and other holidays, video rental services are booming.

However, you must have an intelligent marketing plan in order to promote this kind of business. Some of the strategic ways to market is through Facebook, tarpaulins, banners or just to advertise by the word of mouth. In Raon, Manila, you can typically purchase five Videoke machines to start up your business.

Mobile Repair

Capital: 50K

Smartphones are more delicate today than ever. These gadgets are vulnerable to breaking or not running correctly as they should. It will be a good idea to open a cellphone repair shop and at the same time, you may sell cellphone accessories and other gadgets. However, make sure you do good in your job and proper work ethics in order to earn consumers’ trust.

Car wash Shop

Capital: 50K

One profitable business ideas is to open a carwash business. When you perform well in this business, depending on the services that you offer, you can receive as much as 25,000 PHP a month or more. You should earn your customer’s trust to sustain this business and the first step in dong so is to provide an outstanding support. To earn more from this, you may sell car accessories like tires, bumpers, windshields and the like.  Make a strategic business strategy that thrives on this market and execute the plan properly and you will potentially go a long way in this business.

Clothing Shop

Capital: 25K – 50K

In general, Filipinos are thrifty and the hunt for the best and cheapest, yet accessible second-hand items isn’t just something ordinary citizens are doing. Also trend bloggers are searching for exclusive pieces that can only be sold in ukay-ukay shops.

Ukay-ukay items are typically made up of used garments, bags, shoes and accessories, normally manufactured from other countries and marketed at very low rates, depending on the type and condition of the goods.

To start one, you’ll need government registration and business licenses and rent a stall or a store with heavy foot and vehicle traffic to draw customers quickly.

Besides the leasing and registration of your stall, other initial running costs include hooks, shelves, hangers, and storage bins. If you can afford it, you can also purchase air condition and industrial fans for your customer’s convenience and also, an air humidifier to avoid mold forming.

Ukay-ukay’s wholesale traders offers bales that typically weigh 100 kilos. The bundle may include between 150 and 1,000 separate items of apparel, divided into specific styles, such as trousers, underwear, children’s clothing, coats, women’s blouses, ties, formal clothing and shoes.

The price scales from 4,000 to 15,000 per bundle and it also depends on the amount of clothes it holds, and the commodity quality and form.

Most of the rates mentioned, though, are focused on a single order only and buying more bales means getting a bigger discount.

In the months of December and January, an ukay-ukay shop owner will comfortably gain as much as 15,000 a day and for the rest of the months, it is typically between 1,000 and 10,000 a day.


Capital: 80K – 120K

In our country where rice is a staple commodity, starting a rice retail business is a rewarding venture. Customers purchase it almost regularly for sustenance, whereas food establishments order it in bulk.

First, you need to obtain a license from NFA (National Food Authority) and acquire the required government permits and registration.

The area where you will put up your shop should be on the right demographic where there’s a heavy traffic both via foot and vehicle.

The only drawback of selling rice’s is that it will spoil quickly and its consistency would deteriorate in just 3 months.

Estimated total weekly income can range from ₱5,000 to ₱20,000 depending on your location and pricing.

As in any business, you can later expand your rice retail business once you get your ROI.  You could even become a rice dealer and get retailers to sell for you later on.

Ecommerce shop

Capital: 75K – 100K

Nowadays, there are a few ways and approaches to sell things online for extra income. Although self-promotion with your own Facebook page can still work, there are more effective ways to completely get your online presence out there – whether it is on Facebook or through starting up your own website. Plus, you can either sell your own products or re-sell without holding a single object inventory – dropshipping.

In this situation, we are going to concentrate on building your store through dropshipping so that you only need a small amount of money to start this business.

Setting up a dropshipping shop would cost you $29 (around PHP 1,500) a month. A major chunk of the expense would go to your store’s marketing strategy which includes FB advertising. It’ll be a major learning curve, but it will certainly pay off. You can watch Youtube tutorials to earn how to run FB advertisements or, if you have an extra money, you can recruit a trainer who will give you the right footing to get started.

You need a working laptop, internet connection, 25K if you need to go through a 3-week training session and a minimum of 50K for your products and ads.

E-commerce players normally mark up their prices by twice the price of their vendors as a rule of thumb. The gain will be around 25 to 50 percent, relative to the cost of the Facebook advertising. Many of the successful local dropshippers earn at least ~100,000 a month, and 25-50% of that is their benefit after taking into account the ad and inventory (if they buy products and pay for inventory) expenses.

It can take some time to understand e-commerce’s technique, particularly if you’re new to this field. However, the benefits can be enormous and it will contribute to more possibilities. On the other hand, you’ll have a better grasp on how digital media works and you can launch a freelancing career out of this.


Capital: 100K

You can invest in a wide selection of camera and photography equipment, if you have a good photographic know-how, and start up your own private company. This is a business concept which today is adopted with the entrepreneurial spirit by professional photographers. While the competition is strong, you will certainly excel if you produce innovative photography ideas, high-quality outputs delivered in decent bundles, and fair service prices. You may also start a sideline by putting your portfolio online, and have customers purchase your images, with your professional photography abilities.


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