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The Philippines has finally caught up with the e-commerce industry! Filipinos are now more open to buying goods online compared to before, which is nice. We can purchase goods like literally everywhere, such as Facebook’s marketplace, Shopee, Lazada, or even Facebook Live and Facebook groups!

Because of the above reasons, there are many aspiring entrepreneurs’ who are venturing into online selling. If you are one of them, then this article is for you!

Sending your goods is somewhat exciting and terrifying for the first time. Of course, we wanted our products to be delivered in good shape and on time. We don’t want our customers to give us bad reviews, do we? That is why I compiled a list of courier services in the Philippines to help you select the best courier services for you.

Are there any types of courier and shipping services in the Philippines?

Yes, we do, and we categorized them into five.

Standard courier services

This involves gathering, sorting, and moving parcels into the nearest depot to the shipping place. The package is subsequently packed in a van and delivered to the destination. This support takes a couple of days, and it’s generally the most affordable of courier services.

Same-day express

It is the most expensive among the services, and it is for deliveries, which are urgent in nature.

Overnight courier service

This is just like the standard service, but marginally more costly, and the package is expected to be delivered by the following day.

Worldwide courier services

From the name itself, it is used to transport of goods overseas. The price varies greatly depending upon the size of the package and the delivery time.

Pallet courier services

This is for delivering goods on pallets. This service provides strict delivery programs at affordable prices.

So what are the best courier services in the Philippines?

Below is the list of reliable courier services that you can reach out to.

Express delivery


Delivery Coverage Areas: Metro Manila, Cebu City
Shipping Cost: Base fare of 80
Payment options: GrabPay, credit/debit card, cash on delivery, cash upon pick up
Phone: 0926 374 1562 | (02) 883 7107


Delivery Coverage Areas: Metro Manila and Cebu
Shipping Cost: Starts at PHP 60 for bike
Payment options: Cash on delivery, cash upon pickup
Other Services: Pabili service, item indemnification
Mobile: +63 998 161 8053 / +63 927 334 0423 / 02 8255 4013
Email: [email protected]


Delivery Coverage Areas: Luzon
Shipping Cost: Starts at PHP 190
Payment options: Cash on delivery, cash upon pickup
Other Services: Long haul service
Tel: (02) 5317 3800
Email: [email protected]

Nationwide Shipment

LBC express

We all know LBC, as they are one of the largest courier companies here in the Philippines. They offer Cash on Delivery and Cash on Payment service, which is a secure delivery service between the buyer and the seller. As a buyer, you can either buy through cash, via card, or mobile wallets.


If you’re searching for courier services catering to transactions made in other Asian countries, Ninja Van is a smart choice on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee. It’s among the most reliable ones available if you are a vendor.

JRS Express

JRS has been in the logistics industry since 1960, and it has 430 well-established branches nationwide.

They offer regular freight delivery (box, Record, parcel, etc.) along with super express (same day delivery), freight Forwarder, lipat bahay, and JRS Pera.

J&T Express

J&T Express is originally from Indonesia and entered the Philippine market last 2018. The company is committed to expand its network across the Southeast Asia region. Their platform has a real-time tracking system and has coverage all over the Philippines.


2GO offers traveling and fast ferry services, and a wide range of peripheral logistics solutions like freight forwarding, import and export processing, and customs brokerage. 2GO Group Inc. is the nation’s leading end-to-end supply chain logistics firm. It has made its mark for providing class-leading travel experiences, efficient movement of products and cargoes, and catalyzing business growth in national and international markets.

Final thoughts

There are other courier services in the Philippines, but the ones listed above are best for small – medium sized businesses. They may even give you a reasonable discount if you partner with them. So, take advantage of that!

Hope that helps. Leave your comments below.


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