1. Digital Marketing Services

Capital: P1,000 – P5,000
Monthly Income: P30,000 – P500,000
Difficulty: High
Requires (Skills): Technical, Marketing, Networking, Sales, and Communication.

Having online presence and making sure people can easily see a company’s website online can make or break a business. Digital Marketing services offer solutions to website owners who want to reach a wider audience and generate more potential customers/revenue.

As a provider, you can sell your expertise in SEO, Social Media, Content & Email Marketing to businesses looking to grow their brands online.

You can easily find clients to work with through freelancing websites such as Upwork, Freelancer.ph, and Manila Craigslist. And eventually scale by starting your own website where you can promote your services, and by building a team who you can delegate tasks to complete your projects.

2. Vending Machine

Capital: P10,000 – P20,000
Monthly Income: P1,000 – P20,000
Difficulty: Low
Requires: Good location & maintenance.

If you’re looking for a business with minimal supervision, this one’s a good choice. Regular maintenance and re-stocking will be your prime tasks here, virtually no manpower for day to day operations is required.

3. Manufacturing or selling ready-to-assemble furniture

Capital: P80,000 – P500,000
Difficulty: Medium
Requires (Skills): Logistics, Management, Sales, and Marketing.

Thanks to the natural abundance of wood, our country is home to skilled woodworkers who produce world-class furniture for local and import. With the right channels, you can set up a business by sourcing (or through consignment) from a local manufacturer while you focus on logistics/delivery system and marketing.

4. Storage Rental Services

Capital: P300,000 – P700,000
Difficulty: High
Requires: Management, Logistics, and Marketing.

With living space becoming such a premium commodity these days, having a dedicated area to safely tuck away your important stuff or memorabilia is important.

Storage services are popular abroad, and in the Philippines, sites like Kahon.PH and StorageSpace.PH offer the same experience to our fellow Pinoys.

You can start small by renting a small industrial space or warehouse where you can build several storage units you can rent out.

5. Street Food

Capital: P5,000 – P10,000
Difficulty: Low
Requires: Good location

Is there anything more classic than the fish ball stand?

For decades, the classic favorites: Fish balls, kikiam, squid ball, isaw, barbecue, tenga, betamax, balut and others have been a part of the Pinoy’s daily culture.

6. 3D printing service  

Capital: P10,000 – P40,000
Difficulty: Medium
Requires (Skills): Design, Technical, and Marketing.

Used to be reserved for serious DIY hobbyists and enthusiasts, 3D printers can be a viable business if you have the right product idea.

You can produce mementos, trinkets, souvenirs, and other personalized items. It’s like having a mini-plastic factory at your own home.

7. CCTV installation

Capital: P20,000 – P50,000
Difficulty: Medium
Requires (Skills): Technical, Sales & Marketing.

As prices of CCTV systems went down and became viable outside of business and commercial use, more and more people are getting one for the security of their homes.

You can take advantage of this growing user base by getting trained as a certified installer and offering services to these folks. You can also upsell other relevant products such as car dashcams, and other home security systems.

8. Smart home & automation services

Capital: P100,000 – P300,000
Difficulty: High
Requires (Skills): Technical, Programming, Sales & Marketing.

For engineers and techies who are abreast with the latest in smart home tech and automation systems, this is one practice you can excel at.

We’re a bit behind in terms of these types of modern conveniences (like smart locks, smart security systems, appliance control, and pet care) and it’s about time that we catch up.

You can start small by offering consulting services at first, and having your clients buy the necessary equipment while you take care of the technical side for installation and maintenance.


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