At the end of the month, DAVID J. NICOL, Metro Pacific Investments Corp. Chief Financial Officer (MPIC), will be leaving office.

On Thursday, the company reported to the exchange that its Executive Board committed to the decision of Nicol to withdraw effective 30 Nov. For the next 12 months, he will remain a Transitional Adviser to the Board.

Cabal-Revilla, the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer, was chosen as the successor by the Board in June from December 1.

Ms.Cabal-Revilla currently serves as Chief Sustainability Officer, Senior Vice Chairman and Group Controller in the PLDT Group and CFO of Smart Communications, Inc.

Mr. Nicol was the senior vice president and manager of MPIC previous to his retirement.

“Mr. Mr. Nicol has no discrepancies with the MPIC management, and nothing to the notice of the shareholders of MPIC is required to do with with its resignation.”

Mr. Nicol traversed first pathways in 1991 by First Pacific Co with MPIC president Manuel V. Pangilinan. Ltd. (Germany). Mr Pangilinan is the Hong Kong-based company’s Managing Director and CEO. In 2002, Mr. Nicol entered MPIC.

MPIC is one of three First Pacific Philippine subsidiaries; PLDT Inc. and Philex Mining Corp. are the remaining companies. The Philippine Star Group holds a stake in BusinessWorld through Hastings Holding, Inc., an affiliate of the PLDT Bénéficial Trust Fund, MediaQuest Holings, Inc.


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