Plastic-neutral certificates from worldwide nonprofit organization Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) have been obtained by CENTURY Pacific Food, Inc. (CNPF) for all of its products that utilize flexible and plastic packaging.

PCX recognized Angel Coffee Creamer, Argentina, Coco Mama, Century Quality Bangus, Fresca Tuna, Hunt’s, Home Pride, Swift, Wow, unMeat, and Birch Tree as plastic-neutral, according to CNPF in a stock market statement on Monday.

The PCX plastic-neutral certificates confirm that the CNPF brands completely meet the criteria of the Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard, a framework for the implementation of a verifiable plastic offsetting scheme.

“This implies that all of these companies have effectively offset their plastic footprint from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 by diverting an equal quantity of plastic trash from leaking into nature and ensuring it is securely processed into the circular economy via PCX,” CNPF stated in a statement.

PCX provides a comprehensive plastic-offset platform and assists its partner organizations in identifying solutions for responsible recycling and trash recovery.

According to CNPF Chief Operating Officer Gregory H. Banzon, reducing the company’s effect and caring for the environment are critical components of the company’s sustainability program.

“For years, we have been developing products that offer our customers with cheap nourishment. They can now be certain that all of their favorite CNPF goods are striving to become more ecologically friendly as well,” Mr. Banzon added.

“We are completely dedicated to our plastic neutrality efforts because we think it is only just and appropriate for our company, our planet, our employees, and the communities we serve,” he said.

CNPF’s net income for the first quarter increased by 24 percent year on year to P1.28 billion, owing to the reopening of international markets, which bolstered its export operations. During the quarter, the company’s revenue increased by 11% to P13.39 billion.


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