As a co-managing director of Century Properties Business, Inc. (CPG), the listed holding firm said on Mondson, JOSE ROBERTO R. ANTONIO resigned as a settlement of problems with its own independent company.

The business said that its management agreed to the retirement of Mr. Antonio, who also “actively instantly” retires as a member of the board of directors.

“The Board noted that its resignation was because it required him to concentrate on coping with the urgent problems of his own company and his associated companies,” the Börse wrote.

The Revolution Precrafted Philippines private company of Mr. Antonio and its affiliates was stated to have suffered a serious pandemic.

“I believe I’m taking the right choice to step down in CPG and I’m going to leave it under the Board’s extremely competent leadership and the technical experience of its executive team,” said Antonio in a tweet.

Revolution Precrafted, Renegade Branding Ideas and Radiant Elegance, and their partner firms Resurgent Corp., have made it known in a separate statement published on Monday that they will settle all their obligations.

“The Business is willing, with no plan to deny those valid statutory statements, to pay legally binding liabilities. The organization is also receiving what is owed, and only the ones that have refused to meet their commitments to the movement.”

Revolution Precrafted clarified that in its business transactions the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) crisis “activated force majeure stipulations.” Force majeure provisions excuse individuals from duty in the case of unintended circumstances, which results in them being unwilling to carry out the contractual responsibilities.

The declaration also stated that Mr. Antonio and his firms – Resurgent, Renegade and Radiant – are still viable. Revolution pre-crafted CEO

“We advise citizens and people to make misleading and false claims against Robbie Antonio and his businesses on this subject. “We are hoping that we will resolve the problem without coercion or bullying, or else the organization would still be required to pursue criminal and civil court cases,” said Revolution Precrafted.

CPG has meanwhile announced its plan to substitute Mr. Antonio as a member of the board of directors of the firm.


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