Converge ICT Solutions, Inc., the LISTED Internet fiber company plans to reach over half of the country’s household by 2025, its leading official said.

“If you are involved in our 55% budget coverage target by 2025, our fibre network would add to the revival, and in exchange, we will accelerate accelerated takeovers until we launch our ports,” Dennis Anthony H. Uy told BusinessWorld during a recent email interview with Converge ICT Chief Executive Officer.

In five years, the business expects to represent between 4-5 million clients. “Before the end of 2020 we had one million consumers and as the new year 2021 we already have high interest.”

In other areas of the world, Converge expects to continue the growth it achieved in 2020.

“We plan to complete our national circuit during this year, so that we can have fixed broadband access to other under-served areas,” said Mr Uy.

Recently, for the first nine months of 2020, this newly listed corporation posted total attributable sales of P2.19 billion, up 57.63 per cent from the 2019 P1.39 billion raised.

Its cumulative sales soared 67 percent to P10,68 billion over the January-September 2020 era from P6,39 billion in the previous year.

Converge posted sales of EUR 8.41 million and P2.26 million in the first nine months of its residential and business divisions, respectively.

The organization related an improvement “both international bandwidth and loan-line prices,” to “greater sales and cautious direct cost control.”

“With our experience, our culture is able to transition to the digital lifestyle by fulfilling our domestic needs,” said Mr. Uy.

‘We’ve seen a modern and more effective form of doing business in the office and research at home at the heightened of the pandemic and the explosion of online businesses,’ he said. “We intend to maintain this in every way.


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