ICT increases its share in IDRC: On May 25, ICT’s fully-owned ICTSI Africa B.V. (IABV) completed the acquisition of an additional 10% share in ICTSI-DR Congo (IDRC). La Society D’Investissement et de Placement SARL was used to purchase the shares. IABV’s stake in IDRC would rise from 52 percent to 62 percent as a result of the deal.

AEV’s Aboitiz Construction, Inc. constructed the 33-meter wide, 177-meter fourth station on the Davao International Container Terminal (DICT) berth in Panabo City. The initiative would reduce vessel loading turnaround time.

FGEN’s fully-owned FGP Corp., which owns and runs the 500MW San Lorenzo natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant, has secured a $308 million, 6-year term loan from four banks: BPI, BDO, PNB, and Sumitomo Mitsui Singapore branch. The proceeds will be used to pay down FGP’s $164 million debt. FGP also plans to use the remaining funds to pre-fund forthcoming initiatives over the following 12 months.

FGEN confirms interest in PNOC’s banked Malampaya gas for FGEN’s gas-fired power plants: FGEN affirmed its continued interest in PNOC’s banked Malampaya gas for FGEN’s gas-fired power plants. FGEN went on to say that it has officially indicated interest in the company as early as 2016.

PNX clarifies banked gas article: PNX informed the Exchange that they are unaware of any plans to acquire Malampaya banked gas from PNOC. According to reports, PNX is reportedly offered to acquire the banked gas for $700 million to $800 million (P33bn-P38bn).

VLL unit issues first note through private placement: VLL’s fully-owned VLL International, Inc. issued $50 million in senior guaranteed notes through private placement. The notes are part of a $2 billion medium-term note offering from the issuer. The new notes will be combined with the $370 million 7.25 percent Senior Guaranteed Notes due 2027 when they are issued.

BRN plans preferred share float: BRN’s board of directors authorized the issuing of P1.5 billion in non-voting preferred shares, which would be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange. BRN also authorized an increase in its share buy-back plan from P50 million to P100 million.

5G antennae are being ramped up by a TECH unit: Quintel USA, a division of TECH, is assisting top-tier telecom providers in North America with 5G complementary product launches. According to the business, 5G subscriptions will expand from 0.2 billion in 2020 to 3 billion in 2025, while the worldwide number of connected devices will reach 43 billion in 2023, up thrice from 2018. Quine sets itself apart from the competition by enabling carriers to make the most of existing 4G networks while also allowing for the overlay of 5G services to avoid expensive legacy network overhauls.

Ex-date 28 May 2021: BPI P0.90, payable 23 Jun. PRF3A P17.17825, payable 25 Jun. PRF3B P17.84575, payable 25 Jun.


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