Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp. on Thursday said it is trying to purchase the 2019 coronavirus disease vaccines from 1.979 employees to inoculate its workforce (COVID-19).

“The firm helped its 1,979 staff with a leading pharmaceutical company reserve vaccines,” Cirtek said in an e-mail to BusinessWorld

The organization said they could not provide the pharmaceutical company information yet, since they did not have their agreement to the acquisition of the vaccines.

“The cost is projected at [1] million pesos and [during] the third quarter this year is estimated to be deliverable. The corporation strives to ensure the protection and rewards of its workers,” he said.

Shortly after Cirtek said to its local bourse on Wednesday, that COVID-19 vaccinations had been reserved to increase herd immunity against the disease and provide for healthy health to its employees by binding “one of the leading pharmaceutical companies.”

This transition was accepted by the Company’s staff and forms part of the Climate, Social and Governance Values’ contribution for social responsibility.

In its earlier disclosure Cirtek predicted that its semiconductor and wireless division will expand this year, led by a scarcity of semiconductor chips, the return of consumer requirements for different elements of electronics, and “the promising prospect of a crisis end.”

The company said that its telecom sector will expand in 2021 because they are planning to deploy their 5G Quintel antennas by the end of the year.

Cirtek said that seven months ago it entered into a master purchasing arrangement with a new telecom provider in North America with its fully-owned Quintel USA, Inc.. The carrier has been expected to begin its complete commercial operation in 2021 for networks of 5th generation (5G).

“Cirtek is engaging new employees to increase its existing workforce for this positive market growth. In comparison to other industries, this growth thus ensures continuing jobs,” Cirtek said.,” he added.


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