DEL Monte Philippines, Inc. (DMPI) intends to grow its healthy beverage industry and provide products aimed especially at children.

“I believe it would be more in the area of extremely nutritious drinks, specialty beverages, that would further expand our health and wellness products,” DMPI Chief Operating Officer Luis F. Alejandro told ABS-CBN News Channel on Tuesday.

“We’re also looking at the children’s sector, which we think we need to develop in because, as you know, it is the future — having a really strong brand among children will actually prolong our growth into the future,” he said.

The business said that by concentrating on health and wellbeing via its goods, it was able to weather the epidemic. It also relied on its easy cooking and dessert products, as well as its Del Monte Kitchenomics program.

DMPI’s fresh pineapple business is also one of its major growth drivers. The business will capitalize on the segment’s possibilities in China. The business has also lately expanded into the dairy and food markets.

DMPI is regarded as the “crown jewel” of its publicly traded parent firm, Del Monte Pacific, Ltd. (DMPL). It resurrected its plans for an initial public offering (IPO) in April, with the goal of raising up to P44 billion. The offer is made up of existing common shares held by DMPL subsidiaries.

The business said that it has returned to its IPO ambitions after recognizing that it is now in a “superior position.”

“We have extended our presence in our four parent categories, as well as [internationally].” For prospective investors, this is a stronger business than you probably saw three years ago,” Mr. Alejandro said.

DMPI is currently awaiting approval from regulatory authorities.


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