The technology subsidiary of the Aboitiz company reported collaborations with Globe Telecom and Dito Telecommunity Corp. to install mini-cells.

In a Friday announcement, Aboitiz InfraCapital Inc. reported that it had concluded a separate lease arrangement in the Provinces of Cebu and Davao with Globe and Dito to use smaller cells in the Provinces of Cebu and Dito.

Low-powered, short-ranged antennas that have coverage and capacity are small cells.
The macro cell towers operate for them and play a key role to provide site density often needed for 5 G, the next generation mobile norm, to be implemented.

Globe is one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the region, while Dito is a start-up aimed at launching commercial services by March 2021.

“Although establishing close alliances with telcos such as Globe and Dito, we are also looking to extend our small cell sites outside our current footprint as we expect increased demand from telcos and other internet service providers,” Rafael Aboitiz, general manager of the small cell sites company of Aboitiz InfraCapital, said in the release.


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