TELCO STARTUP DITO Telecommunities Corp. aims to conquer the business and even to create a fifth generation “superior” (5 G) network in order to counter rivals.
“We don’t want to sit as the third telco. This is why we claimed that we’re the next telco and we want to be number one. “DITO Technology CEO Rodolfo D. Santiago said on Thursday during a virtual briefing that you can’t be number 1 with a 5 percent subscription base.

This month, the Dennis A. Uy-led telco startup said it had made four 5 G technical calls.

He noted that it uses 5 G stand-alone, which makes it stronger than the country’s current enterprise 5 G networks.

Globe Telecom, Inc. and PLDT, Inc. have also launched 5 G technologies in 2019 and 2020.

“Our 5 G is better than our rivals. We deliver 5 G, stand-alone. It doesn’t depend on older 4 G technologies, “said Adel A. Tamano, chief administrator of DITO.

Mr. Santiago said that the telco startup currently has 1,532 towers, which are more than adequate for the technological audit in January next year.

He added that this year, the organization had invested more than P150 billion on its preparations, and in the next three years it expects to invest P257 billion.

During in the technical inspection, the current government may determine conformity with the provision for DITO to cover 37 percent of the nation ‘s population with 27 megabits per second.

“We will fulfill our deal’s 37 percent coverage,” Mr. Santiago said.

Mr Tamano said that the organization expects “a little sooner” to begin its services than in March 2021.

“It’s a hard date in March 2021. There has to be a lot of effort … We expect to get started a little faster, so we’ll see, “he stated.

This year, DITO has also invested P1 billion in cyber protection technologies from 12 US-based technology companies.

The telco start-up comprises of 60% of Udenna Corp. and Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp. and 40% of China Telecommunications Corp.


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