The 30-day audit has formally begun and DITO Telecommunity Corp.’s accessibility and internet rates are being tracked.

In a published document, DITO Telecommunity declares its preparation for the January 7, 2021 technical audit.

“The appointed approved accredited auditor, R.G.” Telco startup, Manabat & Co, is expected to monitor the accessibility and internet speeds in different areas to ensure that DITO complies with its requirement to achieve an average speed of 25Mbps, the said telco startup said.

The field assessments are planned to be complete within 30 days. The actual audit report will require another 15 days to be completed.

According to estimates, the above uses 8,800 barangays as basis for the audit.

Another officer at DITO said that findings from the technological audit would not impact the expected commercial launch of the telco startup in March next year.

“As I have said before, DITO Telecommunity is poised to finally bring fully-equipped communications to the Filipino citizens in March”, he declared.

Any retired military personnel entered the venture, which was engulfed by protests because it was affiliated with a Chinese telecommunications business.


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