DMCI HOMES is improving the resilience of its condominium buildings in Davao City in the light of the recent earthquake that struck the area last year.

In a remark over the weekend, the Consunji-led property developer said that he had completed seismic improvements to the four buildings in his Verdon Park estate, namely Martel, Belvedere, Trevans and Maurin.

It has engaged the Office of the City Building Officer, the Philippine Institution of Civil Engineering and Macro Consultancy of the Structural Engineers Group in the design and development of structural improvements, it added.

Refurbishment of the frame, strengthening of carbon fiber columns and pillars, and the installation of cross-brace and knee-brace protection at strategic positions is among the initiatives.

“As we launch the turnover of the Belvedere building this month, our clients should be confident that Verdon Parc is up to the latest seismic protection requirements. We have upgraded property facilities and property management amenities to compliment the residents’ experience in the Verdon Parc resort,” said DMCI Homes Vice-President for Project Growth Dennis O. Yap in the release.

The buildings of Trevans and Maurin are both set for turnover in February and October next year, accordingly.

Earlier this year, President Rodrigo R. Duterte warned DMCI Holdings, Inc. that he would not give any permission to dig” following a problem related to a condominium that he said had been established in Davao Region.

The condominium is Ecoland 4000, which allegedly experienced “huge fractures” after an earthquake in Davao City late last year.

DMCI Holdings is the classified parent of DMCI Houses, which has reported a 58% drop in earnings to P3.91 billion over the last three quarters owing to the coronavirus pandemic. -Denise A. Valdez


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