SIX suppliers of renewable energy, including companies led by Aboitiz and Ayala, have been given permission to engage in the Green Energy Options scheme of the nation, granting them the lead in supplying power to customers who favor cleaner energy sources.

On Wednesday, the Department of Energy (DoE) posted on its website the names of the six qualifying companies: Bacman Geothermal, Inc.; First Gen Energy Solutions, Inc.; SN Aboitiz Power-Magat, Inc.; SN Aboitiz Power-Res, Inc.; AC Energy Philippines, Inc.; and Sparc-Solar Driven Agri-Rural Communities Corp.

Mylene C. Capongcol, Director of the Sustainable Energy Management Bureau (REMB) of the DoE, said the six firms were the first to file an operating license for the Green Energy Options Program or GEOP.

“Their applications are assessed on the basis of the guidance released by the DoE,” she said in a statement given by the Public Affairs Department through Viber on Wednesday.

The scheme, which was introduced in 2018, is a cooperative policy framework that requires customers with at least 100 kilowatts (kW) of use to purchase their supplies from a retail energy provider (RES) based on a DoE circular released around three years ago.

Until entering the GEOP, vendors must receive an operating license from the REMB of the DoE. The GEOP operating license requires the business to sell power to an eligible end-user.

Asked if the six businesses were the only ones permitted to provide renewable energy, Ms. Capongcol said, “No, we are not restricting ourselves to the six suppliers of RE. Our issuing of GEOP Operating Permits meets the requirements set forth in our regulation.”

In April last year, the DoE released recommendations for suppliers wishing to engage in the scheme.

In September, Ms. Capongcol announced that the Department will issue its first operating license to a retail electricity supplier.

On the basis of a departmental circular titled ‘Guidelines for the issuance of operating permits for clean energy suppliers under the Green Energy Options Programme,’ GEOP suppliers are expected to:

  • to conform with the terms and conditions of the operating permit, the circular provisions and the GEOP rules;
  • Send annual reports to the REMB on or before January 30;
  • Guarantee that the overall electricity from its facilities is greater than or equivalent to the total kilowatt hour (kWh) supplied to its consumers;
  • Enroll in the Wholesale Energy Spot Market and with the National Registration Authority before selling power to end-users;
  • File with the Registrar of the RE.

GEOP helps more end-users to gain access to renewable energy from eligible RE businesses.


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