The brandy and scotch whiskey companies of EMPERADOR, Inc. reported demand growth in various countries last year.

In a stock exchange filing on Monday, the reported brandy and whisky maker stated that for 2020, its brandy division reported growth in countries such as the United Kingdom at 376 percent, Mexico at 44 percent, Canada at 74 percent, and the United States at 24 percent, all of which are important markets for the company’s international industry.

Empercedor said that it has increased its market share in Guinea and Cameroon under its Spanish subsidiary, Tres Cepas.

It also stated that its fully owned subsidiary Whyte and Mackay UK has improved and is now the UK’s second-best-selling blended scotch company.

“Its single malt brand, Jura, is currently the best-selling single malt in the United Kingdom, according to sales volume in supermarkets and grocery stores throughout the world. It is also Sweden and The Netherlands’ fastest growing single malt brand,” said the firm.

Furthermore, the whiskey company of Whyte and Mackay in China reported a 200% increase, following a 227% increase in e-commerce revenue last year.

Emperador International’s chief executive officer, Glenn D. Manlapaz, expressed optimism that the company’s success would be maintained this year, predicting increased output and sales volume of brandy and whiskey goods through the company’s international markets.

Mr. Manlapaz said in the disclosure that “Emperador is the only Filipino consumer goods firm today that is not only present around the globe, but still controls much of the brandy and whisky markets in many countries where the brands are sold.”

Thanks to the good success of its overseas companies, Emperador raised its profits to owners by 18 percent to P8 billion in 2020, with sales of P52.6 billion.


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