FIRST GEN Corp. today announced that, as part of its restructuring activities, one of its gas-fired gas plants in Batangas went online on Monday, when a generator repair was completed.

Five months ago, after the incidence of tripping, the company, Lopez, stopped operations of its San Gabriel power plant of 414 megawatts (MW). It did not dispatch power as it examined the problem.

The first Gen stated in a Tuesday announcement to the local stock exchange that the repair of the power generator had been completed and that the plant had been “successfully reset and launched yesterday,” which was part of the repair of the plant that would take up to three days.

“It is necessary to confirm that the plant in San Gabriel is operating as intended before normal business activities are resumed,” said First Gen.

First Gen said in a September disclosure that a Siemens Power Operations, Inc. initial test found an electric defect in the generator of the plant.

The San Gabriel power plant, located in its energy complex in Batangas, is one of First Gen’s four natural gas power plants. In 2016, the 414 MW plant began operating on sale.


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