First Gen Corp., a wholly-owned unit, said on Friday that it has choosen two international firms for the final tendering stage to supply their LNG (liquidated natural gas) import terminal in Batangas with a floating storage regasification unit (FSRU).

First Gen reported that, in an information release on the stock market, FGEN LNG Corp. is scheduled as its supplier by the end of the months to pick BW Gas Limited or Hoegh LNG Asia Pte. Ltd.

BW Gas and Hoegh from Norway are also expert in the shipping global industry and in floating regasification facilities for LNG.

“To satisfy the natural gas demand of current and potential gas power plants of third parties as well as of FGEN LNG affiliates in the Philippines, this project would accelerate FGEN LNG’s capability by Q3 2022.”

An onboard recharge plant with storage capacity of usually between 125,000 and 170,000 cubic meters will transform LNG into gas and deliver it directly to the gas grid.

In October, for the engineering, manufacturing and design deal of the LNG terminal, FGEN LNG selected the Australian contractor’s local unit, McConnell Dowell Philippines, Inc.

First Gen and Japan’s Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd are currently entering into a joint collaborative arrangement to plan, create, test, commission, construct, own, and operate the interim offshore gas project and maintain its activity in Japan.


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