The business is expanding further with the implementation of its own milk line under the Babot Farm brand FOOD AND BEVERAGE kiosk operator Fruitas Holdings, Inc.

On Thursday, the business said Babot’s Farm 100% pure and fresh milk, the latest milk brand, was all-natural and comes from free-range cows.

The first variant under the current milk brand is cow’s milk, according to Fruitas, with proposals for the launch of other forms such as chocolate milk and carabao milk.

The organization has said it views yogurt as an additional commodity of the brand Babot’s Farm.

According to Fruitas, the latest commodity is accessible in over 20 farmhouses in Babot and in the population of Soy & Bean in Manila.

It also added that the latest milk brand would be sold via the CocoDelivery distribution service and other kiosks of the firm.

Lester C. Yu, Chairman and CEO of Fruitas, said that the latest milk brand is fit for goods of the business, as the formula needs limited refining before consumption.

“We agree that we can give Filipinos healthy milk alternatives, so we have agreed to incorporate our own milk brand into our retail network,” Mr. Yu said. “This initiative will carry us closer to our goal that every Filipino household will daily consume a Fruitas product.

Fruitas said some 800 stores have now reopened inside its retail network. The business plans to operate 30 shops and 100 by the end of 2021 by the end of the year.

The business recently launched its first Dubai franchise shop, which contains many items including fruit shakes, pearl shakes, milk tea, fresh fruit sweets, halo, and fresh lemonades. This is part of the House of Desserts brand.

In the third period, Fruitas narrowed its net loss to P19 million due to higher combined sales and lower operating expenses.

The firm said that its combined sales grew 90% to P167 million relative to the previous period, while its operational costs minus depreciation and amortization decreased 56% to P102 million.


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