FOOD and beverage kiosk operator Fruitas Holdings, Inc. are involved in ice cream manufacturing with the launch of two additional premium ice cream lines to the product range.

The company announced in its announcement on Tuesday that it is launching a milk-based and a soy-based ice cream line under the brands Fruitas and Soy & Bean, respectively.

These would be sold through Babot’s Farm and Soy & Bean physical stores and, finally, through its own CocoDelivery distribution service and through a range of kiosks.

“Ice Cream has long been the dessert of the Filipinos… Acknowledging this customer’s need, Fruitas has come up with two new quality ice cream lines that will surely make the Filipinos satisfied, but at the same time keep them safe,” said Lester C. Yu, President and CEO of Fruitas.

The brand says that it uses all-natural products to produce ice cream. The Fruitas brand has eight flavors: lime, mango melon, strawberry calamansi, four seasons, strawberry melon, mango pineapple, dark chocolate and benguet coffee. Soy & Bean would have three lactose-free flavors: classic, chocolate and coffee.

Earlier this year, Fruitas collaborated with Carmen’s Finest Ice Cream to deliver the goods to selected locations. This is part of Fruitas’ strategy to open up more business streams by expanding its product offerings.

Fruitas already has more than 20 products in its stable, including Fruitas Fresh from Babot’s Estate, Buko Loco, De Original Jamaican Pattie, Juice Road, Black Pearl, Shou La Mien Hand-Pulled Noodles and Sabroso Lechon.

As of November, the firm reopened some 800 kiosks and set up almost 20 neighborhood stores under the labels Babot’s Farm and Soy & Bean. It plans to operate 30 neighborhood stores by the end of 2020 and 100 by the end of 21.

In the nine months to September, Fruitas posted an attributable net loss of P32.23 million, reversing last year’s profit of P52.98 million owing to a 55% decrease in gross sales from shutting its stores during the coronavirus-related lockout.


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