highest paying job in the philippines

Earning money is a very tough job in this modern era, and everybody needs to choose careers where they can excel so that they can fulfill their needs and feed their families.

With the unemployment rate hovering at 2.34% in the Philippines, every individual must choose his/ her career by considering the jobs that pay well. With the Philippines’ gross domestic product, also called GDP, going strong at 6.1% despite global pandemic, is a great thing for us Filipinos. It is in human nature that he looks for things that benefit him, and the same is the case with jobs.

Every person wants to earn more and improve his lifestyle. This chain continues from the lower middle class to the elites. From small cars to luxury cars, from miniature huts to lavish bungalows, that’s how human psychic works. Everybody has the right to earn a good fortune for his/her family. High and good education always provides the base for a good earning. This is because highly paid jobs require highly trained and educated personnel.

There are many respectable paid jobs offered in the Philippines, but we will discuss the jobs that offer the most. However, the experience is also a key to earning a good income. A fresh graduate cannot come out and earn bulk of money as years of experience are needed to be a successful person in earning a lot.

Highest Paying job in the Philippines for Fresh Graduates

Here’s the list of most paid jobs for fresh graduates.

  • Travel and Tourism
    Travel and tourism is always a good sector to earn from. A fresh graduate can fancy 20,629 PHP per month from this sector.
  • Telecommunication
    Communication is key for people to interact with other people. So an unending supply and demand scenario secures a job and provides you 19,975 PHP per month.
  • Computer / Information Technology (Hardware)
    With the advancement in the field of technology and all the future lying on it, it’s a good decision to join this sector and earn 18,963 PHP per month.
  • Hotel / Hospitality
    Tourism and hotels are interlinked. Food is a basic necessity, and its need can’t be denied. So earning 18,940 PHP per month is not a bad deal to start with. 
  • Healthcare / Medical 
    Medical and healthcare also serve to be a good starting career. It offers 18,837 PHP per month at the start.
  • Banking / Financial Services
    Banking and financial services can provide you with 17,503 PHP per month as a start with no experience.
  • Law and Legal
    Law and legal services is a very important sector for earning. It secures you 16,845 PHP at the start, but it grows exponentially later.

All these monthly incomes are not quite high, but all these raise significantly when these people get experienced.

In demand jobs in the Philippines Jobs for Supervisors

    A supervisor manages a team of workers. They create and oversee their team’s workflow or the tasks required to complete a job. They define goals, communicate objectives, and monitor team performance. Here’s a list of highly paid jobs for supervisors. A supervisor has to be at least four years of experience to get the mentioned average salary.

  • Information Technology
    A supervisor post in information technology can give you up to 55,701 PHP per month.
  • Database Admin
    Data administrator has to use certain software which can store data. On average, a data admin can earn up to 37,985 PHP per month.
  • Tech Support
    The technical support staff has to give their tech-related help to customers. Advancement in the field of technology means higher pay in this profession. On average, they earn 35,999 PHP per month.
  • Microbiologist
    Microbiologists study and research on microorganisms with other scientists and technicians. They get a good average salary of 32,999 PHP per month. It is considerably comfortable in terms of line of work.
  • Accountant
    The accounts sector can offer 32,725 PHP salary per month. Considering the amount of hard work they put in, they earn for their hard work.
  • Advertising
    Advertising companies generate great capital. They provide you with 31,809 PHP monthly. This can vary with the performance of the ads.
  • Public Relations
    Public relations has everything to do with keeping a reputation. A successful PR influences opinions of clients and their behavior. He/she uses all social media platforms to maintain a good reputation of clients. An average of 30,740 PHP per month can be earned with this profession.

Overall Highest-Paying Jobs in the Philippines 

  • Aircraft Pilots
    In simple words, this is the highest paying job in the whole Philippines job industry. 116,714 PHP is the mean income in this profession. The job involves flying of airplanes, which is mainly a dream of many. A flying license and proper training are required to apply for this job. However, this is the most rewarding profession.
  • Brokers
    Brokers are the middlemen between investors and the stock exchange. Brokers charge a commission for the services they provide solely or as a firm. On average, they earn 89,831 PHP per month, but this number is very high for many brokers. In simple words, the broker with better art of selling stocks and non-financial products to clients earns more. BS in finance is required for this job
  • Civil Engineers 
    Civil engineers are responsible for the improvement of the environment we are living in. They design and supervise the construction of roads, bridges, buildings, dams, power plants, and almost every sector involving construction. BS civil engineering is required to apply for this job. Due to more fieldwork, they earn 68,957 PHP on average per month.
  • Actuaries
    Actuaries are basically analysts that use probability and permutation to calculate the financial risks while setting up businesses. BS Mathematics is required to apply for the job. Their median salary is 60,477 PHP per month.
  • Computer Programmers
    Computer program developers convert codes set by software engineers into a set of coding instructions in the central processing unit of a computer. They are responsible for glitches and bugs in the computer’s software. BS CS is required to apply for this job. On average, they earn 52,331 PHP per month.
  •  System Analysts and Designers
    A system analyst uses diagnosis and data methods to resolve business issues using data technology. They may serve as technology agents who design the structure enhancements required, build systems to carry out those changes, train, and motivate others to use the systems.   A system analyst uses diagnosis and data methods to resolve business issues using data technology. They may serve as technology agents who design the structure enhancements required, build systems to carry out those changes, train, and motivate others to use the systems. BS IT is required for this job. The average monthly salary is 51,069 PHP for system analysts and designers. 
  • Computer Engineers
    Computer hardware engineers research, build, verify computer systems, elements comparable to circuit boards, memory devices, networks, and routers. BS CS is required to apply for this job. On average, computer engineers earn 49,335 PHP per month.
  • Auditors
    A financial auditor’s job is to crosscheck financial records, documents, and accounting entries of a company. They gather information from a company’s financial reporting system, account balance, income statements, financial gain statements, balance sheets, tax returns, and control systems. BS in finance and accounts is required in this job. The mean income of an auditor is 47,756 PHP.
  • Production Supervisors & Foremen
    Production supervisors and foremen look after productions on allotted shifts, prepare work schedules to confirm economical operations, have information of processes and instrumentation, and verify that products are known, weighed, and warehoused properly. BS industrial engineering is required to apply for this job. Their mean income is 47,101 PHP.
  • Statisticians
    A statistician develops and applies applied math or mathematical theories to summarize helpful data to assist in solving real-world issues. They collect and analyze knowledge and use it in many industries, comparable to engineering, science, and business. BS statistics is required to apply for this job. On average, statisticians earn 41,480 PHP per month.

Final thoughts

If you are searching for a good career, you should first assess your qualification and then find the perfect match. This will help you eradicate the out-of-line jobs that can’t be done with the qualification you possess.

Second, you should also know your interests. Interests can hold a great significance in satisfaction while doing a job. If you are still a student right now, you must decide on a career you compliment you and your personality. Research before choosing your career is necessary. Think a hundred times as it’s not only your life depends on it but also your family.


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