Holcim Philippines, Inc., the supplier of building solutions LISTED launched the description of the country as the first cement product to protect homes from water-repellent destruction.

In a Thursday press release, Holcim said “Holcim Aqua X” was an environmentally sustainable mixed concrete compared to comparable materials on the market. The new product, which has been developed for selected Davao consumers, is available at the end of the year in Mindanao.

Holcim Aqua X has been reported to have ‘active water-repellent boosters,’ which prevent harm.

“This facilitates the construction of waterproof buildings in comparison to modern methods, where construction workers use a repellent on the walls or use a water proofing compound on a concrete mixture,” it says.

In response to consumer demands for a commodity that protects buildings from excess moisture, Holcims said it has produced waterproof cements.

70 percent of homeowners and contractors in Davao described water safety as a significant factor in projects in an inquiry carried out by a third party commissioned by the company. About 300 people were questioned.

Holcim Philippines’s President and Chief Executive Officer Horia-Ciprian Adrian said that Holcim Aqua X is more environmentally sustainable than other brands “This latest production shows our great advantage in producing exciting products.

“Since Holcim Aqua X has fewer clinkers and lower carbon footprint, it is more environmental-friendly than those on the market,” he said.

The group launches Holcim Aqua X as its specialist line of constructional technologies begins to be deployed.

Last year, Holcim Multifix was launched, a multi-function mortar aimed at improving the consistency of construction projects’ walls, floors and tile systems.

In 2019, Holcim Solido, which has been a major part of its commodity mix, came up with the road infrastructure cement and was the substitute to the ordinary Portland cement.

Five cement factories in La Union, Bulacan, Batangas, Misamis East, and Davao, as well as industry and technical service facilities for aggregates and dry mixes are in place for the construction of solutions.


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