Most of us, Filipinos, have been confused as the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is now offering online services/e-services through its website. There are few common questions such as how to get a Tax Identification Number (TIN) number for the unemployed, how to get a TIN for pre-employment, how to get a TIN for employment, how to get a TIN online, etc. In this post, we will try to address each question one at a time, and ensure clarity with these queries.

With the TIN, BIR gets access for tracking, downloading, and cycling the data and exchanges with the general appraisal assortment agency. It is like a ledger digit that helps you charge or credit an exchange to the correct record. This ledger digit’s counterpart is TIN, wherein the BIR uses this to document a taxpayer’s valid tax return.

What is the TIN format and structure?

The TIN consists of 9-12 digits; the first nine digits are actual TIN, whereas the last three digits are the branch code (for corporate entities). But it is 000 for a singular citizen.

The first nine digits or the original number of TIN identifies the citizenship category. TINs beginning with 1-9 refers to individuals. If a TIN starts with zero (0), it relates to a partnership business.

Again, the first three numbers indicate the issue period of TIN. For example, before introducing the Integrated Tax Structure (ITS) in 1998, TINs were provided starting with 000 for businesses and 900 for individual taxpayers. The BIR then gave TINs that begun under the ITS with the 200 and 400 syntaxes.

Who can get a TIN?

Initially, both Filipino and international nationals who are lawfully bound to pay charges in the Philippines can enlist with the BIR to provide a TIN. In any circumstance, before applying for a TIN, you ought to recognize the appropriate type of citizen to enroll.

If you have a business, make sure that it is registered with BIR properly to pay taxes and file tax returns. If you don’t have a business yet, you can follow these Top 15 Philippines Business Blogs to get some tips and learn from them.

If you are starting a job, the pre-employment requirement is a TIN number and you can apply for this online. Before proceeding further though, keep in mind that your job must be with some company or institute registered in the Philippines.

How to get a TIN?

Individuals who need TIN for the first time

For self-employed and Mixed Income Earners

  • Filled out BIR 1901 from BIR
  • Copy of Business and Mayor’s permit
  • Copy of Birth Certificate from NSO
  • If applicable, Marriage Contract
  • PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) ID, if applicable
  • Copy of Professional Tax or Occupational Tax Receipt
  • Copy of COE or Certificate of Employment

Individuals whose earnings are based on compensation Income

  • Filled out BIR 1901 from BIR
  • Copy of Birth Certificate from NSO
  • Copy of Marriage Contract/Certificate from NSO

In the event the first place of employment is a company with a qualified Human Resources department, then they will frequently process your TIN for you, especially since they are going to be calculating your tax too. Usually, they’ll ask for the essential documents while you start job. However, if you’re self employed, you will have to process your TIN yourself. Here is how you’re able to do that.

TIN Application Procedure for Self-Employed Individuals

  • Submit the BIR Form 1901 and 1906 along with the required documents to the BIR’s RDO.
  • Pay 500 annual fee at the counter.
  • Pay DST (Documentary Stamp Tax) and BIR Form 2000* for DST on Contract of Lease, etc). Provide proof of payment.
  • RDO will then issue the FROM 23003 which is the Certificate of Registration form together with the “Ask for Receipt” notice, Authority to Print.
  • RDO will also conduct a short briefing for new registrants informing them of their duties and rights.

How to Get Your TIN

If you qualify with any of the below, you can go to BIR’s online portal to get a TIN.


  • Self-employed individuals
  • Unemployed individuals
  • Mixed Income Earners (e.g. employee and single proprietor and/or professional at the same time)
  • Employees
  1. Visit BIR’s eTIN website
  2. Before registering, make sure you have not registered for a TIN before as it is criminally punishable to have multiple TIN as per the provisions of National Internal Revenue Code of 1997.
  3. Register using a unique and working email which you have access to as the instructions will be sent to your email address.
  4. Fill out your personal information and make sure that all information is accurate.
  5. Click the SUBMIT button, check your email and follow the instructions.

TIN for unemployed

To transact with Government in offices, you have to get the TIN even though you are unemployed. According to Executive Order No. 98, all agencies, cooperation, and units of Government must make TIN mandatory for clearances, documents, etc. With this order, BIR Form 1904 was also introduced, and this allowed people who are unemployed to have a TIN.


  • Filled out BIR 1904 from BIR
  • Copy of Birth Certificate from NSO
  • Copy of Marriage Contract/Certificate from NSO

Application Procedure

To get a TIN for unemployed, first of all, get the BIR Form 1904 from Revenue District Office. Now fill in the form, attached all required documents with it, and submit to the nearest office of the Revenue District Office. Wait to get the TIN issued by them. It will have your Tax Identification print.

If you want to get TIN for the unemployed through the online route, then you can get the tax registration service through BIR eReg website.

Final thoughts

TIN, a set of figures, is issued by BIR to every taxpayer, and register it in their database. According to Executive Order No. 98 in Philippine, every person either employed or unemployed must have this one permanent number for related transactions. Overall, it is all about the tax laws that need to be implemented by the BIR.



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