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Have you ever experienced getting rejected from a bank, government, or money exchange because you can’t provide two valid IDs? Well, I did, and the fastest way to get one at that time is the postal ID.

Today, getting one is not as convenient as compared to before. Philpost has made massive changes as the Postal ID now comes as a wallet size PVC plastic card from being a lousy paper-based ID.

What is Postal ID anyways?

A postal ID is a card issued by the Philippine government to validate an individual’s identity. It is the easiest way to confirm one’s identity and the place where the citizen lives. It is widely accepted both locally and worldwide, and it allows Filipinos to access a variety of public services.

Basic vs. Improved Postal ID

Basic Postal ID

This is a paper-based ID that you can get on the same day. You just have to provide a community tax certificate, one by one picture, and a small fee. Today, this type of postal ID has been diminished as it isn’t accepted at various departments.

Improved Postal ID

This year 2020, the government has issued an improved postal ID to make the authentication process easier for the front line officers. It has been endowed with salient features that distinguish it from the very basic one.

Are there any differences between the basic and improved postal ID?

Although the basic postal ID was significant,it could be decoded utilizing special equipment only. Thus, the identification process via the basic one was complex and time-consuming.

On the other hand, improved postal ID has advanced security features that can be identified merely by the naked eye. Thus, the introduction of an improved postal ID made the authentication process more reliable.

Eligibility criteria

Any Filipino living in the country or abroad can avail of a postal ID. Postal ID is also offered to the Philippines’ foreign residents who have been residing in the country for a minimum of six months.


The postal ID is valid for a period of three years for Filipinos. In the case of foreign residents, the postal ID is valid for one year.  For Special foreign retirees, it is valid for a tenure of three years.

Which is the best ID to avail?

Philippine’s postal ID is the best ID to avail among all other government IDs, especially for the newly married and unemployed. Previously, a basic postal ID was in use, but nowadays, improved postal ID is recommended.

What makes the latest Postal ID unique?

  • The new postal ID has been awarded many distinguishing features some of them are as under:
  • It has a security hologram that can be viewed at certain angles.
  • Digital capture of fingerprints, photos, signatures, and personal details.
  • The improved postal IDs are printed at a central location to avoid duplication.
  • It bears a ghost image along with UV ink that lightens up when viewed in UV light.
  • The uniqueness of any individual is further checked via The Automated Fingerprint Identification System. It compares the fingerprint collected with that in the database record.
  • An encrypted QR code embedded on the card verifies an individual’s identity via a mobile application.    

Requirements for applying the new postal ID

To apply for a replacement postal ID, the applicant must bear the first form and photocopy of the subsequent documents:

  • Two Xerox copies of the PID form
  • Identity proof (anyone among the following)
    • Birth certificate issued by NSO or Local Civil Registry
    • GSIS or SSS UMID card
    • Driver’s license(valid)
    • Passport (valid)

In case the applicant isn’t ready to provide any of the ID as mentioned above proofs, he can submit any two of the subsequent documents with one having the applicant’s photo and signature:

  • Proof of address
    • Utility bill(electric,internet,landline,etc)
    • School billing
    • A certified true copy of real estate tax receipt
    • A certified true copy of lease
    • Bank statement
    • Credit card statement
    • Barangay certificate of residency(issued three months before application)
  • One ID
    • Voter’s ID
    • TAX ID
    • BIR ID
    • Senior citizen ID
    • Seaman’s Book
    • Marriage certificate
    • Alumni ID(valid)
    • Basic postal ID,
    • College or university ID
    • Company ID
    • NBI Clearance
    • Integrated bar of Philippines ID(IBP)
    • PhilHealth ID
    • Tax identification number card
    • Police clearance

What if the applicant is a foreign resident?

Foreign residents who are applying for a postal ID should bring the following documents:

  • Postal ID application form
  • Identity proof
    • Passport (issued six months prior application)
    • The documents representing the valid proof of stay in Philippines e.g. Special resident retiree’s visa(SRRV), Diplomatic Visa, Long  stay visitor visa extension, Alien Certificate of registration identity card, Temporary resident visa
  • Proof  of  address
    • Utility bill (electric,internet,cable etc)
    • Bank statement
    • School billing
    • Land, house contract
    • Hotel, transient home, temporary residence certificate(within three months of application)
    • Statement of account from a hotel, temporary residence certificate (within three months of PID application)
    • Barangay certificate of residency(within three months of PID application)

What if I lose my postal ID?

In the case you met an accident and lost your postal ID, a new postal ID can be obtained by submitting the following documents:

  • Two copies of postal ID application form
  • A notarized affidavit of loss

How to apply for Postal ID Philippines?

There are two basic methods of application:

  • One is via the post office
  • The other is the online method of application

What is application procedure?

Physical Application

It’s a quick method consisting of three major steps only:

  1. Applicants have to bring all the required documents in the post office.
  2. Prepare a copy of the application form and fill the blanks required.
  3. After submitting the documents, rush to the nearest ID capture station to get a photograph and fingerprint of them.

Now, just wait for a few days till your postal ID arrives at your home address. In case of emergency request, postal ID is received after a day or so.

Online Application

This is not a simple online application process. You need to download the postal ID application form and fill up the required blanks. After that, visit the nearest post office to submit the form and pay the fee of 504 pesos.

Latest Postal ID Application Fee

Postal ID + Delivery450 PHP
Vat (12%)54 PHP
Total Postal ID Fee504 PHP
Note that for RUSH, fee is 650 PHP

When will I get my Postal ID?

In Metro Manila, it will take 15 working days to be delivered.

In other major cities, the delivery takes about 20 working days. In Island provinces, the postal ID is delivered within the next 30 working days.

Is there any discount for the postal ID application?

If the applicants apply for a new postal ID before the old one expires, they will get a small discount as well.

  • If the old postal ID is valid up to the next 36 months, you will get a 25% discount. So, the total fee will become 389.20 pesos. (including delivery charges)
  • If the old PID is valid up to the next 24-35 months, you will get a discount of 20%. Thus, the total fee, including delivery charges, will be 412.16 pesos.
  • If the old one’s validity is up to 12-23 months, the discount awarded will be 10%, thus making the total fee about 458.08 pesos.

What happens to my old valid Postal ID?

Your old postal ID remains valid until it expires. You may upgrade your old ID to a new PID by filling a PID application form and submitting it to the nearest post office. Remember to take your old PID with you for the upgrade

Final thoughts

I am delighted that Philpost made these changes as the old type of ID can be easily manipulated. With this enhancement, we can be certain the Postal ID presented is legit and to protect us from any identity theft.


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