Business Description

DNL is primarily a holding company for a group of companies engaged in the customization, production, and manufacturing of food ingredients; colorants, additives, and advanced polymers for plastics; aerosol products; and oleochemicals, resins, and powder coating. The Company provides its divisions and affiliates with accounting and administration facilities.

The enterprise consists of four main lines of business: food ingredients; colorants and synthetic additives; aerosols and oleochemicals, resins and coatings of powder. DNL also manufacturers a number of similar products, including pest protection, agricultural chemicals, home care items and personal care.

First in Colors, Incorporated, Aero-Pack Industries, Inc., Oleo-Fats Incorporated, and Chemrez Technologies, Inc. are all fully controlled subsidiaries of DNL. In the case of D&L Polymer & Colors, Inc., D&L Premium Foods Corp., Chemrez Product Solutions, Inc. and Natura Aeropack Corporation, DNL also indirectly holds.

New Developments

  • For the first quarter of 2021, the firm posted a net income of P695 million, up 35% from the same time last year.
  • In order for DNL to finance its growth plans in Batangas, BOD has authorised a proposal to sell up to P5 billion peso-dominated flat rate bonds. The bonds would be valid for three to five years.
  • In the first quarter of this year, export contributions to overall revenues hit a new peak of 34 percent of total income. DNL is aiming to make up 50 percent of its net revenue for export sales.
  • For the full year 2020, the corporation posted a net income of P2.01 billion, down 23% from the previous year.

Technical Analysis

  • DNL just broke above its 8D, 20D, 50D, and 100D moving average lines.
  • Current price is only -0.6% from the start of the year.
  • It has a traded value of P10-50 million per day.
  • Since the beginning of the year, price has been moving sideways and is approaching to the peak of its range. In the coming sessions, it may break beyond its resistance of P7.90.

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