Term: Short
Target Price: PHP 1,554.00

Last Traded Price: PHP 1,315.00
P/E Ratio: 11.77x
P/B Ratio: 2.61x
Support: PHP 1,235.00
Resistance: PHP 1,330.00
MTD Performance: 3.06 %
YTD Performance: -1.87 %

  • Through the Jupiter Submarine Telecommunications Cable System, PLDT hopes to enhance its worldwide capacity by fivefold.
  • The short-term trend is up, with a likely continuation if it remains above the 200-day EMA.

Jupiter underwater telecommunications cable system is expected to provide an additional 5-fold boost in global capacity for the business by the end of the year. This project would boost its international capacity to about 60 terabits, up from the existing 10 terabit capacity of its 15 main international cable lines.

PLDT’s investment in the underwater telecom cable infrastructure may provide the firm with a competitive advantage over its contemporaries in the sector. Submarine cables are reported to be exceptionally dependable, with total carrying capacity in the terabits per second. In terms of earnings, PLDT was one among the corporations that demonstrated tenacity last year, with net income still expanding year on year despite the epidemic. The work-from-home arrangement has enabled PLDT to outperform the market.

The short-term trend is up, and the 50-day EMA is pointing up after breaking above the 200-day EMA. It must remain above the 200-day EMA in order to sustain the bullish momentum. The resistance level is approximately P1,330.00. Set a stop loss point 5-7 percent below your purchase price for traders.

Material in this article is obtained from sources we believe to be reliable, but its reliability or precision cannot be guaranteed. This is for the sole purpose of providing details and does not provide an offer from us to buy or sell securities mentioned in this document.


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