UNIT of PLDT, Inc. has collaborated with SoftBank Corp. in Japan in supplying Japanese businesses with internet access.

PLDT Global Corp. will deliver SmartInternet Suite Ether for small, medium and large enterprises’ customers in Japan in collaboration with Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank and PLDT said in an emailed statement over the weekend.

SmartInternet Suite Ether, said PLDT Global, lets organizations meet their requirements “with a more sophisticated internet world that adapts various operating types and changing market areas.”

PLDT Global CEO Katrina Luna-Abelarde said the collaboration is part of a wider effort by the PLDT Community to enhance the experience of consumers both in and outside the Philippines.”

Norioki Sekiguchi, SoftBank’s Vice President, Global Market Division: “This is just the first phase in our partnership, and we look forward to jointly developing new possibilities.”


PLDT revealed that it will spend between P88 billion and P92 billion next year to address the needs of cell and fixed line customers on Saturday.

The organization anticipates that its capital spending this year would exceed at least P70 billion.

PLDT has invested nearly P260 billion nationally in the last five years upgrading its facilities.

“We want to benchmark ourselves, not just with local rivalry but also our neighboring countries, such as Thailand and Vietnam, because we want to see our network output finally balanced with foreign companies,” said Alfredo S. Panlilio, Chief Executive Officer of PLDT Sales and President of Smart Communications.

To collect money, PLDT recently sold its 37-story Smart Tower in Makati City to DMC Urban Property Developers, Inc. for $128 million.

The attributable net sales of PLDT grew 95 percent year-over-year to P7.41 billion as a consequence of the pandemic in demand for interactive or internet services.


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