US investment group KKR & Co. reported on Monday that it has earned almost $4 billion for infrastructure-related investment in Asia-Pacific, including clean energy and telco towers in the Philippines.

In an e-mailed message, KKR announced that it had closed its inaugural Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Fund to a total of $3.9 billion.

“At the end of the conference, the Fund hit its hard limit to become the first pan-regional infrastructure fund to be set up for Asia-Pacific,” KKR said.

“The scale of the fund aligns with KKR’s aspirations for the long-term flow of infrastructure deals in the area,” he said.

The major investment group claimed that the fund was “significantly oversubscribed.”

It gained broad funding from a large community of global infrastructure investors, she said.

The business has invested $1.8 billion through six Asian acquisitions.

Its Asia-Pacific technology portfolio comprises First Gen Corp. power supplier and Pinnacle Towers Pte telecommunications infrastructure provider. Uh, Ltd.

In November, KKR declared its investment in Pinnacle Towers to “strengthen and extend” the telecommunications system in the Philippines.

Pinnacle Towers’ affiliate Frontier Tower Associates Philippines, Inc. is one of the first 23 tower firms to receive a provisional license to own, build, maintain and run traditional towers in the Philippines.

KKR gained almost 12 percent of its share in First Gen. in June last year at P9.6 billion.

Raj Agrawal, global infrastructure manager at KKR, said: “One of our differentiators is KKR’s ability to offer scalable funding strategies to fulfill the needs of its portfolio companies across all asset groups.”

“This innovative combination of deal sourcing and structuring, combined with our deep organizational management and active participation, enables us to take advantage of the full spectrum of investment opportunities provided by Asia-continued Pacific’s emergence as an economic driver for the 21st century,” he said.

KKR has given capital to Metro Pacific Hospitals, the hospital arm of the listed Metro Pacific Investment Corp., as well as to Voyager Technologies, Inc., the PLDT, Inc.


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