As the company’s Zamboanga business is expanding, the Sardines maker Mega Global Corporation has opened its new head office and factory.

The business has recently started its head office and ice plant located in Cawit, along with a can-making facility in Talisayan.

The latest ice plant increases the productive capability of the firm from 300 to 450 tons per day, while the manufacturing plant doubles its capacity from 750,000 to 1,5 million can per day, the group said in a Friday press release.

“We are also working on modernizing our central Zamboanga operations in the course of our expanded operations in Zamboanga with the opening of the Mega Manufacturing Plant in 2022, to be an employer of preference in the region,” said Michelle Tiu Lim Chan, Mega Global Chief Operating Officer.

Last year, Mega Global reported investment to meet the increase in demand for canned goods in a P1 trillion production plant in Batangas.

The launching of the Cawit Office is coincided with the lifting in the Zamboanga Peninsula of a three-month sardine ban. As a marine protection initiative to permit fish to breed in the field, the government has been implementing the annual closed fishing season since 2011.

“We remain dedicated to the creativity and processes in our fishing industry to provide the best standard of sardines to the market and to support the local economy in Zamboanga and, finally, in the Philippines.”

Nearly half of sardine output in the Zamboanga peninsula was recorded by government data


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