NOW CORP. signed a Memorandum of Agreement on Wednesday for its network expansion strategy with Nokia Solutions and Networks Philippines, Inc. and NOW Telecom Business, Inc.

In the statement, the quoted company said that its partnership will concentrate on the extension, by creating a 5G standalone network for the Philippines, of its “current broadband telecoms network.”

“The Memorandum of Understanding may also undertake joint development projects, providing all parties involved with a strategic direction for reaching a trade framework agreement,” it continued.

“The multi-Gigabit broadband Internet era in the Philippine Telecom, the Media and Technology market is the result of this NOW-nokia 5G collaboration agreement,” said Mel V Velarde, member and Chairman of the Group of Companies NOW.

“NOW’s plan is clear: to expand its established assured coverage via 5G Fixed Wireless Connectivity to high end markets and allow customers to achieve this compelling customer experience through 5G mobile broadband service. The autonomous Today 5G network is no longer competitive and does not have legacy networks. We believe NOW and its consumers would be effective with our technology partner Nokia” he said.

Now Corp. claimed in its earlier divulgation that it had collaborated with Vietnam’s Viettel Busability Solutions Corp. to deliver ICT goods and services throughout Vietnam.

Now Telecom Co., Inc. reported in September that its provisional jurisdiction for the implementation, service and management of the country’s mobile telecommunication infrastructure was ‘extended’ by the National Telecommunications Commission.


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