Last year, PHILEX MINING Corp. reported net profits of P1.23 billion thanks to higher sales and reduced expenditures for its parent company shareholders.

The Pangilinan-led mining business announced a reversal from its net loss of the previous year, P647,78 million, in a regulatory filing on Friday.

In comparison, this business reported a core net sales of P1.16 billion across seven times the year.

Its earnings increased to P7.83 billion by 15.3 per cent for 2020, up from P6.79 billion for 2019. As a consequence of cost control and effective processes, cost and expenditures have decreased almost 9 percent to P6,3 billion from previously P6,92 billion.

The fourth quarter of the tonnage has decreased to 1,88 million tonnes, which is down 5.5% from 1.99 million tonnes, according to Philex, as part of a three day temporary underground stoppage, after positive testing on Coronavirus disease by a majority of the workers in 2019. (COVID-19).

“The shutdown was expected to conduct mass mineral testing COVID-19 and contain the local virus transmission,” he said.

“There has been a total of 56,000 ounces of gold and 26.38 million pounds of copper recorded (in 2020), which are higher than full year 2019, of 53,064 ounces of gold and 25.74 million pounds of copper, including a related temporary closure of COVID-19.

It has said it is focused on developing its Benguet Pacdal mine and is planning on joining up to a strategic business partner in its Surigao del Norte Silangan copper and gold plant.

The optimistic developments in prices and the permanent outlook on gold and copper have fuelled global investors’ confidence in the Silangan project, considering the pandemic, said Eulalio B. Austin Jr., President and CEO of Philex,. Eulalio Jr.

“To put Silangan into action as quickly as possible and at the same time to optimize the padcal mine, we are working closely with our financial consultant,” Mr. Austin said.

Philex Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan said corporations will withstand the consequences of the health crises and will better respond to transition.

“We are really thankful that the government allowed Philex to function as an export-oriented organization in view of quarantines within the city, offering revenues to enable us focus… on our employees’ wellbeing and financial well-being; retaining customer service excellence and helping the government look after the worst impacted,” says Mr. Pangilinan.

“Mining will still be a core engine for economic inclusive domestic expansion. The government’s response to the pandemic, especially with regard to purchasing vaccines, may generate much-needed revenues,” he said. Mining was able to contribute.

The stock market shares of Philex Mining increased by 1.22 or six cents on Friday and were ended on P4.96.

Philex Mining is one of three Philippine units of First Pacific Co. Ltd. located in Hong Kong; the other units are Metro Pacific Investments Corp. and PLDT Inc.


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