PLDT placed fourth in the top 100 ‘most prominent’ ICT firms worldwide.

PLDT, Inc. reported on Thursday that it placed fourth in the 2020 Digital Inclusion Ranking of the World Benchmarking Coalition of the top 100 “most prominent” information and communications technology firms worldwide.

The recognition “affirms how our technologies can play an important role in making major contributions to country sustainable development,” said PLDT Chairman and Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan.

Teleco said that the Global Benchmarking Partnership had consulted with an expert review committee of representatives of the World Bank Community and the International Telecommunications Union to establish the report.

“Building across 33 economies worldwide, the index includes automated networks across three industries: telecommunications facilities; hardware consisting of the manufacture of digital products such as end-user computers, network infrastructure and semiconductors; and IT services consisting of web apps, data centers, cloud storage and platform services,” it said.

According to PLDT, the World Benchmarking Alliance “lauded” its degree of reporting on its economic value produced and transmitted.

“WBA commended PLDT and Smart for their attempts to follow data security governance, with the Chairman and Board of Directors subject to mandatory cyber security instruction, and the Cyber Security Operations Department reporting directly to the top management,” he said.

For the third quarter, PLDT saw its attributable net income grow by 95 per cent to P7.41 billion compared to P3.79 billion produced in the same time last year.

The organization related its quarterly earnings rise to the surge in consumer demand for interactive or internet content caused by the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

PLDT saw a 10% growth in its overall sales to P46.49 billion. The company’s service revenues increased by 9 percent to P44.37 billion, while its non-service revenues increased by 18 percent to P2.12 billion.


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