The investment holding firm Horizon Partnership Corp. told the stock exchange on Monday that it would be introduced to a regional share index sequence for companies of limited market capitalization starting on March 19, 2021.

After two semiannual index evaluations, the inclusion of Asia-Pacific in the FTSE Global Equity Index Sequence was revealed on February 19th.

However, it specifies that the index revision “could be open to change until March 5, 2021.”

Premiere Horizon states that “The FTSE Global Equity Index Series (GEIS) is an equity index series developed to assist institutional investors in the creation of investment policy directions and as the basis for index-linked items.”

According to the papers, it must fulfill the conditions for FTSE GEIS status, having met the requisite voting privileges, free float, and international investment minimums, as well as a minimum market capitalization of $25 million.

After it had met the necessary liquidity level, the firm said, “This ticker is only accessible if you are a shareholder with a significant trading volume monthly.”

After the Oct. 29, 2020 announcement that fintech company SquidPay Technology, Inc. will be purchasing a 55% equity interest for P925 million, the average daily trading amount has crossed P190 million.

Following an initial payment of P300 million, the company headed by business magnate Marvin Dela Cruz has completed the remainder of the P625 million via cash transfers and the injection of SquidPay shares over the next two years.


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