LISTED Prime Media Holdings, Inc. announced on Wednesday evening that it had reached an agreement with RYM Business Management Corp. and New Era Empire Realty Corp. to “revitalize [Prime Holdings] by investing in business” in a number of areas.

This growth has made New Era Prime Holdings’ main stockholder.

“The New Period shall be a major shareholder of the company through a unissued portion of the approved share capital of the corporación through incorporation, cash subscription and/or injection of businesses or properties,” Prime Holdings said after fulfillment of some terms and conditions within the MoU.

The MoU allows Prime Media to enter into the sector of commercial and residential production, leasing and hosting of real estate.

The partnership is often planned for the acquisition of an established media or broadcasting franchise in the media and entertainment segments.

You may also dive into the gaming sector by applying for a license or entering into an agreement with a corporation approved by the company. Philippine Fun and Gaming Corp.

Prime Media may also conclude a deal with established offshore gaming companies or POGOs in the Philippines. The MoU also enables “allied utilities” to be offered to POGOs.

The parties may also build or invest in financial services technologies.


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