GINEBRA San Miguel, Inc. (GSMI) said on Thursday that the growth in net revenues in January to March was 120 percent to P1.04 billion, compared with the P474 million in previous year, as advertising efforts helped enhance the company’s sales.

“Our ongoing attempts to develop and establish a stronger relationship with customers in Ginebra San Miguel’s branch equity have led us to these uncertain times,” said Ramon S. Ang, President of GSMI in a statement.

The corporation has been focused on maintaining Ginebra San Miguel’s brand equity and Vino Kulafu and has especially highlighted GSM Blue.

It said that the Bagong Tapang sa One Ginebra Nation headline advertising campaign contributed to enhance volume by a 29% mark of previous year.

Year by year, sales climbed to P11,34 billion by 52%.

Ginebra San Miguel, GSM Blue Light and the GSM Blue are produced, including GSM Blue and Gin Pomelo, Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin, Antonov Vodka, Don Enrique Mixkila, Anejo Gold, Primera Light Brandy and Vino Kulafu.

San Miguel Food and Beverage, Inc.’s spirits business has also shown that its operational revenues have increased to P1.3 billion by 88 percent year on year.

“A well-coordinated, speedy return-to-trade approach, including ECQ facilitation (enhanced Community Quarantine) and general community quarantine has complemented our plan to use the power of our brands,” stated Mr. Ang.

In 2020, consolidated sales rose by 25 percent to P36.2 billion, despite liquor prohibitions in the quarantine period, to record P2.76 billion.

“With purposeful efforts to increase the distribution coverage in high potential locations, we also made our goods more available to more customers, even if restriction measures vary throughout the nation,” Mr. Ang says.

During the early months of the pandemic, GSMI manufactured 70% ethyl alcohol that was provided free of charge to health centers and government organizations. By the beginning of 2020, San Miguel Ethyl Alcohol was able to manufacture 1.3 million liters and was supplied to about 3,700 companies around the nation.


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