Shaky’s plans to launch 15 pizza shops, 15 outlets of the Peri-Peri seasoning brand

In the year 2021 SHAKEY’s PIZZA Asia Projects, Inc. (SPAVI) will open 15 new shaky shaky shaky and 15 new peripheral shaky chick chicks.

In its Regulatory Draft, the listing company said Tuesday that its expected opening in 2021, which was delayed last year by the coronavirus 2019 (COVID–19) pandemic, is part of the Network expansion strategy.

It has been concluded by SPAVI in 2020 with 245 Shakey pubs, three in the outside world and 34 outlets in Peri-Peri.

“[The company] has also introduced a range of new deals in selected outlets, including ‘Park & Dine’ for visitors, ‘Park & Order, outdoor eat & order R&B milk tea – Singapore’s leading milk tea company,” it said.

The business growth strategy has been modified to optimize its in-store and out-of-store presence, according to SPAVI Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Vicente L. Gregorio, because of the pandemic.

“We are looking for Shakey, especially in the underpassed Second and 3rd-tier Cities outside the Manila subway, to further enhance the brand’s visibility and awareness. There still are a number of unseen markets in Peri-Peri that don’t have access to the delicious goods of the company,” said Mr. Gregorio.

“Not only do our guests prefer to dine in, but their the need for easy and flexible options will be met in our new openings this year,” he said.

SPAVI announced that it would introduce smaller shop formats with a smaller investment requirement, which retain payback periods in the short term and keep high returns on capital. In contrast with its brick and mortar industries.

The business added it plans to develop sites with brands Shakey and Peri-Peri to leverage its current asset base.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gregorio says that in view of the strong demand for off-site supply networks, SPAVI will be adding “ghost kitchens” or kitchen extensions to boost its distribution. He added that in some areas in Manila, in the past few months the company has been piloting a “31 minutes of delivery, if it is late, it’s free.”

“The expected expansion of the business for 2021 will coincide with other exciting new developments to expand our current asset base. The 2021 bounce back year is certainly exciting,” said Mr. Gregorio.

In January, SPAVI revealed that, as part of a seven-year franchising agreement with Brenrich Pte, it plans to open its first branch in Singapore, located at Locky Plaza Mall along Orchard Road. Ltd. Limited.


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