The Vietnam Unit of Universal Robina Corp. has been called one of the most sustainable companies for the second year, entering a total of 500 companies in Vietnam that have been selected for the honor.

“This prestigious award will be a guiding force for URC Vietnam to continue to work and spread sustainable principles in Vietnam on the basis of three pillars: environmental conservation and human development and quality goods,” said Laurent Levan, SVP and Regional Director for URC Indochina.

The businesses listed in the ranking reached the CSI Index of 127 metrics in four areas: sustainability performance, responsible governance, environmental conservation and sustainable labor practices.

The award was awarded during the Vietnam Corporate Sustainability Forum 2020, hosted by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).

Going ahead, Levan said URC Vietnam “will begin to follow its goal to step forward towards a circular economy, to optimize activities by following the UN’s priorities of minimizing environmental costs, enhancing the lives of workers, encouraging education and introducing community building programs of social responsibility.”

In 2019, URC Vietnam also listed among the top 100 sustainable companies recognised by VCCI.

It also ranked among Vietnam’s “Top 10 prestigious firms” in the non-alcoholic beverage industry.

URC Vietnam was one of the 33 groups that won child support awards from the Ministry of Labor, Disability and Social Affairs in Binh Duong Province from 2015 to 2020.

URC has been active in Vietnam for 18 years, beginning in 2003 as a trade firm. Now there are five plants in Vietnam: three in Binh Duong, one in Quang Ngai and one in Hanoi.

The business manufactures its well-known products, including ready-to-drink tea C2, Rong Do, Cream-O and Magic cookies, Dynamite candies, Jack’n Jill Puff Corn and Chikki snacks.

In the Philippines, iconic URC brands such as Great Taste, Cream-O, Chippy, Piattos, Nips and Maxx remain the mainstays of nine out of 10 households.


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