WLCON has reached a new all-time high. The previous record high of P19.00 has now been identified as a significant support. Another level of support may be found at P19.60. The short-term target is P21.30and the overall trend is positive. Some trend-followers may use the 10-day moving average (MA) at P18.50 as a trailing stop for their trades.

Recommendation: Buy on dips

2. ICT

P161.09 is the current value of the 10-day moving average. This is a trailing stop for those who are following the current trend. ICT has maintained its upward momentum and has remained above the 10-day moving average during the current upswing. ICT is at an all-time high, which is a very strong bullish indicator at this point. Supports are priced at P159.00 and P155.30, respectively.

Recommendation: Buy on dips

3. ALI

ALI is now trading well over P35.80. The breakout level of the flat consolidation pattern is P38.00. A break may result in a test of the next resistance at P39.90 and P41.20. The 200-day moving average (P35.80) is acting as a support level.

Recommendation: Buy on breakout

4. AC

AC is trading sideways, with P796.50 and P790.00 acting as supports, and P819.00 and P839.50 acting as resistance. P870.00 is a significant resistance level. AC is expected to have strong support around its 50-day moving average of P772.00.

Recommendation: Buy when support holds


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